About Nicole Leigh West

Australian author of fiction novel, ‘The Gypsy Trail’, Nicole Leigh West caught the travel bug early on in life, via outback camping trips. A 20-year career as a professional dancer and globetrotter unleashed a passion for writing novels and travel articles. With more than 60 countries ticked off her travel bucket list,  first-hand adventures have contributed to a portfolio of internationally published work across 10 years as a professional freelance writer.

As a Reiki practitioner, mentor and choreographer, Nicole is dedicated to fostering self-growth, positivity and awareness. She is the founder of health and wellness site, The Spiritual Room and regularly contributes articles to magazines and online publications, with regard to fitness, dance, holistic health and personal development.

For further reading of published work and media, please visit the  following sites:

The Huffington Post, Lifehack, Sandstorm Magazine, Lodestone BooksSimply Holiday Deals, Smith’s Lawyers Blog, Mighty TravelsAustralian College of Physical Education Blog.

For freelance writing enquiries, including ghost writing, blog posts, travel and lifestyle articles, creative writing and editing, please email info@nicoleleighwest.com