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Attracting Positive Thoughts To Change Your Mindset

Today is a cozy writing day. I’m sitting at my desk with a view encompassing the ocean, a silvery sky and whales splashing about in the light rain. Externally, that makes it really easy to be in a good mood while I’m working, but…it got me to thinking. What about the times when our external environment doesn’t paint such a pretty picture? How can we change the way we perceive it, in order to retain a positive, inspired mindset?

Attracting Positive Thoughts To Change Your Mindset

We hear a lot about the Law of Attraction. So much, in fact, that it can become a chore to wade through all the tips and tricks in order to teach ourselves how to attract what we want. So, let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. If you love ‘The Sound of Music’, I know you’re singing that right now.

The very beginning of attracting what you want is a thought. The thing with thoughts is, we may ponder over a fabulous one for a few minutes, only to slide down into the ‘whys’. The ‘whys’ are all the reasons your amazing thought may not actually turn into a reality. This pattern, in turn, immediately attracts more thoughts of the same nature, until you’re literally rolling around in the dirt of unwanted realities. Even if your external environment is wonderful, you’ll soon stop noticing it as you wallow in self-created negativity.

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What you’ve done, is found a gorgeous shiny coin and flipped it over to reveal a rusty old object that won’t buy you anything. All by yourself. If you can do that all by yourself, without any external influences, you can certainly reverse the procedure, despite external influences. Either deliberately choose a positive thought, or choose to change a negative thought, as the first step to changing your mindset.

Attracting positive thoughts isn’t unlikely to get you what you want instantaneously. What it will do, is attract more of them, if only you allow the process to unfold. Very quickly, you’ll build a treasure trove of sparkly gems in your mind that quickly boost your mood, stimulate and challenge you, and provide inspiration. From this inspiration, comes expectation. From expectation, roots begin to grow towards manifestation.

The best thing is, going on an exciting adventure in your mind with inspirational thoughts doesn’t require any external input. So, even if you’re in a windowless office, surrounded by toxic people, waiting in line at the bank or sitting in a rubbish heap, you can still call on the power of your thoughts to change your mindset. Thereby, changing your mood and enhancing your external reality.

Give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose except a whole lot of self-inflicted negativity, when you’re deliberately attracting positive thoughts to change your mindset.


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