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Australia in 2021: A Dystopian Nightmare?

Australia in 2021, right at the end of the year, hints at opening the borders for us to flee and also welcome back our long lost, overseas friends. Not to mention our loved ones from other states, whether a walk or a flight away, where borders remain stubbornly closed.

Though it’s true that the Land Down Under can’t lose its sunny shine, in terms of the beautiful people calling it home and awe-inspiring landscapes, it’s certainly been kicked off its lofty perch as ‘the lucky country’.

In fact, it’s now often compared to a dystopian nightmare across the world, with good reason. The narrative, in many ways, does follow the outline for a dystopian novel.

I’ll call mine:

Australia in 2021: The Land of No

WARNING: this is not a feel-good story outline and much of it will only make sense to Aussies. However, you’ll get the idea and, no doubt, resonate with regard to your own country on many levels. The outline isn’t based on a true story, it is the true story – with a healthy dose of sarcasm. After storytime, we’ll have a chat about it all. 

*Please note, I am not an anti-v*xer, a Covid-denier, an eco-terrorist or any other label that’s currently circulating in the name of censoring free speech and critical thinking. I do not hold any medical or scientific qualifications. I’m a writer and this article is presenting information that highlights the side of the story that the mainstream media are largely ignoring. Please always do your own research.

Back to storytime:

Some of the rules of the Land of No in Australia in 2021:

No, you can’t cross a closed domestic border to see your dying dad before he dies, because less than 1% of Australians have or have had an illness with a median risk of death age 84 and an actual death rate of about 0.006% of the population across nearly two years. Obviously, you’ll live with intense regret, but that’s not as important as sticking to this rule.

No, you can’t cross the border to give birth or receive life-saving treatment in the nearest hospital, despite the risk of death, for the above reason. Well, actually, you can, but only if your paperwork is correct and we managed to process it in time.

No, you can’t come home to your state, your children or your job – unless you’re a VIP. Preferably a footballer playing in QLD, in which case you may also bring your girlfriend and your family on a chartered plane. Otherwise, you must stay over the border in a prohibitively expensive hotel or a tent while applying for exemptions, having them knocked back and losing everything you worked for, along with your sanity, for an indefinite time frame. Note: If you have a particularly sick child, or something of that nature, and manage to get your story on mainstream media, we’ll make an exception to avoid the shame. But, we are not accountable for your hardship occurring in the first place. 

No, you can’t sit on a park bench or a beach without getting a huge fine. If you refuse to give your details, you can be arrested after being thrown to the ground by five or so cops, even if you’re a woman presenting no physical threat (this video, along with many others, is distressing and may result in feeling disgust for police, but they’re just following orders). 

No, you can’t travel overseas or come home from overseas. Unless you’re a VIP.

No, you can’t ponder why thousands of medical professionals in the country are choosing to resign rather than take the mandated va*ccines. Even though this is unheard of with regard to any previous v*ccine, you must continue to believe in the propaganda instead of doing your own research into the latest science on, and adverse side effects of, experimental mRNA v*ccines. The rumour that v*ccine injuries are overrunning hospitals now is obviously a conspiracy theory spread via frontline nurses who are scared of needles.

No, you can’t stand, sing or dance at the pub. Or leave your home to watch the sunset. Or talk to your neighbours.

No, you can’t protest against authoritarianism or losing your job or mandates without the threat of rubber bullets and tear gas.

No, you can’t go a few metres beyond 5km of your house without getting a huge fine or risk arrest. Unless you’re a VIP.

No, you can’t publish free speech or open debate if it goes against the mainstream narrative. If you do, no matter what your qualifications, you’re in the minority and therefore obviously crazy.

No, you can’t drink a beer without your mask on. You must also wear your mask outside in nature when you’re on your own, where the illness doesn’t live. In fact, wear it when you’re in the car on your own, too.

australia in 2021 dystopia

No, you can’t go to an event or keep your job without a shot, or 2, soon to be 3 and every six months forever. Because these particular shots are so very effective, the only option, and basically your only hope of staying out of ICU (as consistently threatened by the all-mighty Premiers and Chief Health Officers who rule the world and the mainstream media).

No, you can’t ask for clarification on the confusing decisions and double standards that may or may not be destroying your life. And journalists don’t even bother to, or it’s not on the script for them to do so. Just take our word for everything and see what happens. Just like we’re doing. That’s why the goalposts keep moving faster than bullet trains.

No, you can’t go to a restaurant without showing your shot status because without the shot it’s automatically assumed you have the illness. Or that you’re a danger to people who have the protective shot. Or that they are a danger to you because the shot doesn’t entirely stop the illness and is now proven to lose effectiveness super quick. A fact that we’re now forced to tell you on mainstream media, after hiding it for a very, very, very long time, as it got too bloody obvious overseas.

No, you can’t rely on natural immunity or health status or the fact that you’re a healthy child at basically no risk of serious illness – none of this is a recognised ‘thing’ now. You must simply remain in fear for your life.

No, you can’t use cheap and effective early treatments because they’re banned here.

No, you can’t use the deteriorating mental health or financial decimation or suicides in the country over the last year as excuses for debate or non-compliance towards the above rules.

You can, however, win a million bucks, get a sausage or receive daily thanks from a Premier if you participate in hitting shot targets in order to reinstate and retain the above human rights. Whether it’s this form of painfully obvious psychological manipulation, speaking to the public as if addressing primary school classes or consistently putting the fear of death into everyone despite data to the contrary, the media and Premiers will absolutely gaslight you into submission. 

Even going so far as to blame the failure of the shots in stopping the spread on the people not taking it. 

PS: yes, if someone’s got a million bucks to give away, it would make more sense to put it into hospitals, given that we’re in a pandemic, rather than giving it to one person as a reward for getting the shot. But, that doesn’t follow the propaganda rules. You must stop questioning the propaganda rules. 

This is all because data reveals we are not in a state of emergency. Though mandates ensure further mental torture via outright coercion used to manipulate already mentally tortured people, you are subjected to them regardless.

Yes, job loss has been severe over the last two years. It sucks that you’re not allowed into your state or the home you pay for, and that you’ve been living in your car for three months because you didn’t make it back before the border closed. However, Premiers and mainly large corporations have now introduced mandates and even more complicated processing systems that ensure more job losses, extreme financial hardship and excruciating mental suffering. For everyone’s health and safety, of course.

And, just remember, always follow the science. However, only follow the science you hear via sensationalised and deliberately distorted mainstream media stories that all say exactly the same thing, at the same times, every single day, and strangely ignore worldwide protests, global experts, adverse side effects, lawsuits taking place right now, new overseas data, alternative solutions and valid concerns about the very obvious, screaming, one-track narrative. This approach is the very definition of propaganda and it is applied whole-heartedly.

If you listen carefully to the propaganda, you’ll notice the word ‘jab’ is used much more often than ‘v*ccine’. This is because a v*ccine is something that offers immunity. As we’re aware that this jab doesn’t offer immunity, narcissistic word salad is used to confuse. This is also how we get away with reporting all deaths with C*vid as C*vid deaths, even when people with the virus in their systems are shot dead with a gun. 

Mainstream media also ignores anyone who dies of anything else, pretty much ever. But, if you die of this one illness rest assured you and your family will receive condolences from your Premier, each and every day.

Remember that your own research is redundant/fake and any questions or objections, at all, about any of it, attract the ‘anti-****’ label, even if you’ve had every shot possible for your whole life. Yes, you know what ‘****’ means, because we all have to use it now to avoid censorship of freedom of speech. That includes world-renowned medical and scientific experts, some of your local nurses, doctors and brave MPs taking a stand for freedom of choice. In fact, the word attracts a link to government pages, on your post, to ensure critical thinking is swiftly stifled. Or, you’re simply banned from the site.

Lastly and with regard to this part of the government’s Australian Immunisation Handbook: “V*ccines must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.” The threat of, or actually, losing your job if you don’t have the shot isn’t classified as undue pressure, coercion or manipulation. Nor is the threat of, or actually, not being allowed into events, shopping centres, gyms, restaurants etc, etc, etc. Nor are the daily doses of fear delivered via politicians and the mainstream media, or the bribes that may include sausages, doughnuts and money.

Soon, your children will take centre stage in terms of propaganda targets. This is despite the fact that, for months and months and months, world-renowned scientists and immunologists have been publishing studies and articles recommending against v*ccinating healthy children and young people in general with shots that have no long-term data, proven serious side effects and rapidly declining effectiveness in stopping the spread of a virus that the vast majority of children won’t even know they have. Haven’t seen these types of studies on mainstream media? That’s deliberate, otherwise, the propaganda might fail due to encouraging people to think for themselves.

The moral of the story

What does it take for people to take a stand for basic human rights, based on common sense and the straight up difference between right and wrong?

It’s a sad time for any country when the above novel outline is 100% reality (albeit, with the dose of sarcasm) and you can verify it all via news stories across the year. There’s no doubt this pandemic is incredibly serious and tragic. However, all the scrambling in the world to return ‘freedoms’ with political agendas hidden in plain sight, doesn’t undo the injustices that have overwhelmingly outweighed the problem in which they were designed to eliminate.

This was an impossible result all along, as with other contagious respiratory viruses that apparently around 300,000 Australians had in 2019 and about 900 people died with. This resulted in ambulance ramping and huge stress on hospitals, as it had in other ‘flu’ seasons before that. Imagine if we’d been counting those figures every day on TV? I say this as a means of encouraging perspective, not as a comparison of illnesses.

The government and media hysteria was somewhat justified with the unknowns of 2020. However, in Australia in 2021, the more knowledge the world gained, the more draconian rules the Land Down Under applied. Meanwhile, much of the world regrouped from the unknowns, at least to the point of moving beyond the ‘world’s longest locked down city’.

What surprises me most of all though, is the sheer number of people still not speaking up against government overreach and morally reprehensible ‘rules’. Worse still, there seems to be a strange detachment towards people in incredibly awful, often life-threatening situations when it comes to both physical and mental health. This detachment is often excused with media-driven phrases like, “but we’re in a pandemic and we need to follow the rules for the safety of everyone. If you don’t, you’re endangering everyone.” Even if those rules cause far more harm than the risk of, or the actual illness, to the majority? I don’t know about you, but this just doesn’t seem right to me. 

The zombie apocalypse seems to be thriving thanks to political and media-driven propaganda ensuring obedience to a one-track narrative. The concept of, ‘if you turned off your TV, you wouldn’t know this pandemic existed’, has been quoted a lot now and shut down as a cov*d-denial claim. In 2021 though, it’s not far off the truth for many. That is, other than the masks and police-lined streets. This is in no way underplaying what medical staff have to endure at our hospitals, nor the heartbreaking circumstances people have experienced as a direct result of the illness. It is, as this whole article is, highlighting the generally ignored ‘other side’.  We’ve all had the main plot rammed down our throats to such an extent that it’s certainly not necessary for me to go into it here. 

It reminds me of that quote: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” It’s often credited to Mark Twain, but I can’t find verification of that. Anyway, it sums up 2020-2021 in so many ways. The world is awakening to rampant mind control across all areas, but it’s certainly slow to speak up. Given the psychological warfare that’s occurring via the media and governments, that’s not really surprising after all. 

It’s rare that I’ve ever seen anything quoted so much in recent history, via global social media posts, comments, articles and videos, as versions of this:

‘If you have to be persuaded, reminded, pressured, lied to, incentivised, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalised in order to gain your compliance – you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest’. 

Beyond the MSM Propaganda in Australia in 2021

australia 2021 media

If you’d like to know more about some of the atrocities mentioned above, there are plenty of independent journalists who’ve filmed situations live and are interviewing professionals telling the truth about government overreach, including Real Rukshan, Avi Yemini, Cafe Locked Out and Topher Field.

If you don’t know much about the unprecedented censorship of medical professionals, here are Australian psychologists speaking of their experiences, along with horrific corruption and deceit within the government. If you don’t know about corruption in the police force, listen to these Australian police officers who’ve recently resigned due to it and are telling their stories.

Please avoid thinking that the truth only comes wrapped in perfectly-staged productions via mainstream news channels with astronomical budgets, highly trained presenter parrots and stories most often paid for and instigated by the government, the highest advertising bidders and other agenda-driven stakeholders. I worked in the entertainment / TV / media industry for 25 years. Much of what you see really is ‘smoke and mirrors’, and it’s most certainly all about the money.

If you haven’t heard about serious adverse side effects after the shot in order to engage in informed consent, there are plenty of people telling their stores:  Cienna Knowles, Tracy King, Monique Morley and Talija Raffone. The Facebook page of Senator Gerard Rennick, alone, explodes with new stories each week of people trying to be heard. Thank goodness he, at least, has given them a platform as people who were perfectly healthy before the shot are often being told their symptoms aren’t related to the shot, by medical professionals. This is absurd or it outright proves those rumours about medical professionals being gagged by AHPRA.

Yes, currently, side effects are reported as rare, but they must at least be given the attention the illness is given, in order to promote informed consent. Especially, as shots are now mandated for so many. And, rather than going to your doctor for a discussion, they’re delivered in an unprecedented and extraordinary manner via shopping centre car parks (complete with the chance to get a sausage to enhance the bribery), theme parks and pop up shot-stops at tourist attractions.

WTF, is the only response I can think of.  Especially as certain VIPs, including judges, are exempt. The interesting thing is, given that we’re all subjected to propaganda instilling fear of certain severe C*vid sickness or death without having the double shot, why do these VIPs wish to be exempt? An interesting question to ponder. 

Most heartbreakingly, people experiencing serious side effects from the shots are doing so as a result of insurance against something they were unlikely to get and almost certain to recover from if they did, complete with natural immunity. Worse still, many felt and feel coerced and outright threatened into getting it, whether from politicians, fearful family members, workplaces or the daily media fear-mongering. This seems to be the product of the psychological warfare we’re all enduring, of which the definition is: the planned use of propaganda and other psychological operations to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes and behaviours of opposition groups. Common tactics include encouraging feelings of hopelessness, low morale and fear.

Sound familiar, with regard to our Premier’s daily updates and the prime time morning and nightly news on channel’s 7, 9, 10 and the ABC? You may not have experienced psychological warfare before, as it’s a tactic most often used only by terrorist groups and armies during wars.

This highlights that it’s very much time we all started to listen to each other, rather than blindly believing in politicians, health bureaucrats and mainstream media stories. 

Like them or agree with their parties or not, there are some MPs standing up in court and/or resigning/changing parties due to their insider knowledge and deep concerns about the loss of the rights of Australians. They include Neil Angus, Catherine Cumming, Clive Kelly, David Limbrick, Tim Quilty, Campbell Newman, John Ruddick, Malcolm Roberts, Stephen Andrew, Matthew Canavan and Russell Broadbent. This hearing with Senator Gerard Rennick and the head of the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) is incredibly revealing, as he asks straight up why some adverse effects aren’t being reported by hospitals to the TGA, why Ivermectin is banned, and, this question that we’re all dying to know with regard to mandated vaccines:

“In the immunisation handbook, it says that people can’t be coerced and manipulated into taking a va*ccine. Why are we allowing Premiers and employers to force people to take va*ccine?” He elaborates much more than this very relevant section. 

You’ll have to listen to the convoluted spin he gets in reply, on every point he makes, to actually believe it.

We now have independent political parties, including the LibDems, AustraliaOne, One Nation and the United Australia Party, gaining serious traction over the major parties, LNP and Labour. What they each have in common is the fight for freedom of the people and a firm stance against shot mandates and va**ine passports. Why? Regardless of possible agendas, the fact that this opposition is suddenly so popular is proof enough of the stripping of freedom that’s occurred in Australia in 2021. These MPs, unlike those in charge, also seem to have done their research into the real C*vid story and aren’t afraid of speaking up about research that’s deliberately played down or outright ignored by Chief Health Officers, Premiers and mainstream media in Australia.

One example, is the fact that people have died as a result of the shot across the world at, allegedly, numbers that would often ensure a relatively new treatment of any form is recalled from the market. Don’t believe me, do your own research on the official government websites. Right now, and of utmost concern, is the fact that major medical and scientific bodies across the globe are recommending against va**inating children due to uncertain long-term outcomes outweighing the risk of C*vid for younger people in general. 

Again (and as a disclaimer), shot-related deaths appear to be a rare occurrence as it’s reported right now, but so is dying from the virus unless you’re already seriously ill or over the age of 80.

Initially, the va**ines were widely touted across the globe as a saviour for vulnerable people in these demographics, which makes sense, along with the yearly flu shots that have never been mandated for anyone other than frontline health professionals. Conspiracy theories ran wild about coming shot passports, mandates, authoritarian ‘rules’ and not-so-hidden agendas of global elites, as stated at the World Economic Forum via the Davos Agenda and the ‘Great Reset’ that’s summed up by Klaus Schwab’s catchphrase, “you will own nothing and you will be happy“. People laughed at the time, until it all started to come true. Fall down that particular rabbit hole and you’ll start to join the dots. 

How did we descend into a world where, rather than isolate the sick and protect the vulnerable, ALL people, no matter how healthy, immune or young, no matter what the data outright proves, must take a shot that presents unknown long-term side effects and proven short-term side effects, for a virus it cannot eradicate nor stop the spread of? Many medical experts, including one of the inventors of mRNA technology, have outright recommended against mass va**ination with these treatments, as it’s not what they were designed for. Though it’s incredibly difficult due to bans on anything that disagrees with the mass ‘shotinistation’ of the world, you can research this for yourself and make your own mind up.

Watch and listen carefully to this video of Dr Robert Malone, a scientist and among the inventors of the va**ine’s mRNA technology, from the timestamp at 1:33:22 (and the rest too, but it’s extremely long and this part is the most relevant to this article). Please don’t be put off by the fact this isn’t broadcast on a mainstream news channel. He’s been banned from most of them for telling his truth. Therefore, it’s also interesting to take note of the extensive efforts by MSM to defame him, despite the fact that no one can deny his credentials. Simply research him, for yourself, to ensure the validity of his opinion. It’s not easy to do your own research, because you have to wade through a lot of technical talk in order to understand, rather than being fed intentionally-framed, dumbed-down information to promote a one-track narrative on MSM. And, that’s what governments seem to by relying on to keep the narrative going, at this point. 

One of Dr Malone’s quotes on the va**ines in this video, that’s particularly relevant here, is:

At timestamp 1:49:50: “To really make your own personal assessment and risk-benefit ratio, you have to understand what the risks are. The government has decided on the noble lie strategy of denying that there are risks or only disclosing risks if they’re absolutely forced to and just insisting that everybody get the jab by employing amazingly powerful tools to convince everybody. The data shows that if you’re an infant through the age of 40, the data margins are upside down for taking va**ine versus the risk of getting severe C*vid. Many of us are saying, no, no, no, this has got to stop as these are still experimental products.” He then goes on to discuss the Nuremberg code, with regard to the current coercion to get the shot. (Note: I’ve left out some words in this quote for the purposes of clarity, please do listen for yourself).

I write all this solely to highlight the importance of individuals doing their own research and retaining the right to weigh up situations for themselves, via open and transparent information that’s just as widely available across the media as that of the illness it’s designed to suppress. People shouldn’t have to go digging in the depths of government ‘speak’ on health websites to find it, meanwhile being hit by daily explosions of fear about the other side of the coin. It’s also well documented that hospitals, doctors and nurses have experienced pressure with regard to not speaking up publicly and various means of reporting. Research this for yourself. If you can’t be bothered, here’s the copy and pasted latest stats from the TGA, with regard to adverse effects:

  • For Comirnaty (Pfizer), to 17 October 2021, we have received 312 reports of suspected myocarditis alone or in combination with pericarditis, and an additional 836 reports of suspected pericarditis alone. In the same period for Spikevax (Moderna), we have received 5 reports of suspected myocarditis and 28 reports of suspected pericarditis. These events can occur due to other causes, including common viral infections, so it is expected that not all cases are related to vaccination. Our analysis of cases likely to be myocarditis suggests reporting is more common in teenage boys after the second dose of the Pfizer v*ccine (5.2 cases per 100,000 doses) compared to the rest of the general population after a first or second dose (0.8 per 100,000 doses). This has also been observed in other countries.

Myocarditis is a disease you can also contract from having C*vid. However, despite Annastacia Palaszczuk’s favourite term of propaganda – “C*vid will hunt you out if you are ‘unva*cinated” – the virus isn’t that smart, in that, it doesn’t deliberately inject you with the risk of myocarditis when your risk of experiencing severe C*vid as a healthy, young adult or child is virtually none.

According to Professor Nikolai Petrovsky, medical doctor, Director of Endocrinology at Flinders Medical Centre and developer of the Covax-10 v*ccine, blood-clotting issues and myocarditis are not side effects of the other v*ccines given to children as a matter of course. He suggests that a rare side effect is one that occurs in one person per million. Now, around one in 25,000 young women, in particular, are experiencing serious side effects.

This is a man who develops v*ccines, so he certainly can’t be labelled as an ‘anti-va*er’. Yet, he is adamantly against mandates for the current v*ccines for these reasons. Could he have an agenda, too? I have no idea. But he’s certainly not alone in his highly educated opinions.

Basically every medical and scientific body on the planet seem to agree that kids have a sincerely low risk of anything other than a sniffle. A few thousand studies are not enough to know what happens with mass ‘shotinisation’ of something that is now proven to have serious, though rare, risks with regard to younger people in general. Perhaps more risk than the illness. And, if not, why the avoidance, secrecy and shutdowns with regard to the topic? Go back a few months through YouTube clips and see for yourself how recommendations are continually given via medical and scientific experts, then overridden by health experts associated with governments. Here is a prime example from the JCVI (the UK government’s Joint Committee on Va**ination and Immunisation). 

From Pfizer’s own website and recent press release, you can see the minimal testing that’s occurred in order for the company to request approval of emergency use of its v*accine for children aged five to 12. I sincerely find it horrifying to think that parents will soon be subjected to propaganda coercing them into having their children ‘jabbed’ based on such minimal study of a new v*accine. Whistleblowers are coming to the fore right now with regard to falsified data from trials.

Over time, Pfizer has continually faced and settled lawsuits with regard to corruption. Here is just one example from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. One quote from this article is, ‘Pfizer has been a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards.’

This is the company that’s currently trusted to mass v*accinate the majority of the world.

So many people keep repeating the MSM/government/pharmaceutical company narrative, in terms of, “but the shots are tested, safe, approved and the data shows you’re 8 times less likely to get infected and 25 times less likely to die”, without doing any research for themselves. We’re all on a moving train that started its journey a mere 19 months ago with these particular shots, and, in case you hadn’t noticed, those stats keep changing as more studies reveal (and are allowed to publish) unknowns.

Just one example, is the recent suspension of Moderna for younger people in Finland, Denmark, Sweeden and Iceland, after discovering serious issues after many more people in this risk category than initial safety studies had experimented on, had received it. This makes sense and it also proves that we’re still conducting an experiment with the shots, worldwide.

This is, absolutely, what you call an experiment on the go, regardless of the current stats, and it’s just another reason why people must retain their right to choose. In my opinion (which I think I’m still allowed to have on my own website), given the risk factors for healthy children are now proven to be so low as to be almost non-existent, and with researched foresight on the moving goalposts so far, I would not take the risk of giving children these shots at this point in time. It’s one thing to randomly catch a virus, of which we all are and always will be subjected to, and of which none of us has any control over. It’s quite another thing to decide to give healthy children shots, en masse, that may or may not have more serious side effects than suggested by the very first studies, ever.

It seems to me that we are the experiment and that’s OK, someone always has to go first. But, five-year-olds?

Again, this is just my opinion, I have no medical knowledge whatsoever. My opinion is based on what I intuitively feel with regard to it all, combined with extensive research of both sides. I say it now, as we’re about to enter an almighty propaganda push to va**inate very small children. The whole narrative is uncomfortably moving towards something akin to ‘playing God’. Whether you believe in God or not, I’m much more comfortable living as we always have – whereby none of us knows what, why or how we’ll ‘catch’ something – than I am choosing to inject children with something that I dare you to debate is not still in the experimental phase, for something that almost certainly equates to nothing more than the sniffles and natural immunity as a benefit.

As for the argument that healthy children must be va**inated to protect the vulnerable – that’s not their job in society. If the shots are so effective as studies currently reveal, it’s also not necessary, right?

This opinion of mine may change as we move further along the journey and I’m always open to new information. That’s because I see the danger in having completely fixed opinions and only seeing one side, especially when that one side is delivered via propaganda and tactics that shame people into compliance. Parents, and everyone in general, must be left alone to use their own intuition. Yes, that’s a ‘thing’. It’s that weird sense of unease you get when you know you’re being sold something you don’t need and can’t afford, yet you buy it anyway.

When you get this sense of unease, ask questions. Ask your doctor about all of this. Get second and third opinions. Don’t accept vague, patronising or confusing responses to your questions. Do anything other than blindly believe politicians, their associated health experts and mainstream media. Who knows, history could show they were and are right about all of it. As they’re just people though, who eat and shit just like we do but happen to hold immense power over us, I highly doubt it.

Perception versus facts

Writing this article is not to induce fear in any way and it’s not to suggest I have any medical or scientific knowledge at all. I do not. I’m a writer and I’m good at research, which ensures I look more deeply into what’s portrayed on TV and I always more than triple check sources. I present what I find as factually as I can along with my opinion on it, of which it’s up to you to verify if you choose. That’s what journalists do. I’m happy to inspire healthy debate as much as agreeance, in the name of expanding perceptions. 

What I do know, is that there are always two or many more sides to any story. The fact that the other side of this one, in terms of the shot mandates, isn’t broadcast or is actively shut down on MSM should concern everyone. Both sides attract risks, which is just one of the reasons why the mandate is not a scientifically-driven or remotely ethical decision.

Such a decision must be up to the individual alone and the threat – which was a conspiracy theory in 2020 and now a reality in 2021 – of losing your livelihood without taking the shot is nothing less than a breach of human rights. That is my opinion, in any case, and I know I’m certainly not alone in that.

Here’s a quote from Prime Minister Scott Morrison in mid-2021: “We do not have a mandatory va**ination policy in this country. We do not have that. We are not proposing to have that. That is not changing.”

Pretty sure that policy has changed, Mr Prime Minister. ‘No Jab, No Job’ is about as mandatory as it gets. Or is it? If a mandate can be taken this far by Premiers and Chief Health Officers, despite federal government laws on not forcing medical procedures, how much further can it stretch? I, for one, do not want to find out.

World leaders, including members of the EU Parliament and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are speaking up about this global human rights breach and the outright frightening overreach of government powers. Most importantly, they’re enacting effective solutions in the absence of such mandates, therefore blending many options for the actual benefit of health and safety minus authoritarianism and undue stress on people’s lives. Research and you’ll see. They may be right or they may be wrong, but at least the narrative is open with a firm focus on solutions for all people with regard to freedom of choice.

australia 2021 freedom

It’s so important to do your own research before falling into the trap of believing there’s just one option (never the case) and that everyone not doing that one option is an ‘anti-****’ or irresponsible or crazy or hesitant or anything else derogatory and divisive that the media is encouraging people to think. Nothing could be further from the truth, in most cases. This also applies to the gigantic protests around the world, all the time. Just ‘YouTube’ a country name and the words ‘freedom protest’. The millions of people you see are not made up of thugs and anti-v***ers. The protests are attended by parents, children, professionals and retirees refusing to comply with unjust mandates, authoritarianism and a ‘show us your papers’ society – regardless of their shot status. 

Furthermore, if you’re only hearing one side of a narrative that’s deliberately skewed towards one option, contains advertising techniques used to sell junk food to kids and leans heavily on fear-mongering to get the point across, you can be sure there’s an ulterior motive. If you follow the money, you’ll usually get to the motives.

Research the news on the USA’s top immunologist, Fauci, who’s led the way on many of the world’s decisions with regard to the pandemic and the restrictions. He’s been consistently challenged by physician and Senator Rand Paul in court, along with many others, with regard to alleged funding towards gain of function research at the Wuhan lab – to create Coronaviruses. You literally can’t make this shit up. It’s now been proven that not only did Fauci mislead the court about the Wuhan funding, but he’s also funded insanely cruel experiments on puppies. This is the man who’s been hailed as one of the world’s leaders in medicine and science, as the head of the US National Institute of Health infectious diseases branch. 

The moral of this paragraph is that blind trust in those with the most visibility via media outlets, appearing the most trustworthy, and often sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and the like, is dangerous indeed.

If you don’t already know the extent of MSM influence, here’s an experiment to give you an idea of how the mainstream media delivers stories according to agenda, rather than the truth and nothing but the truth. Watch the same big news story on USA channels, CNN (Democrats) and Fox News (Republicans). You’ll see that, most of the time, the views given are directly opposing, which skews the truth and instantly forms the perceptions of the viewers.

As most people watch one or the other, that’s the side they’ll believe, regardless of ‘truth’ or balanced perspectives. A great example is CNN claiming that independent journalist, Joe Rogan, took horse-worming pills to cure Cov*d. This created a rumour that took off like wildfire across the globe to debunk the use of  Ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning human drug with a version for animals.

In the end, Joe Rogan took CNN to task over the lies,  many doctors have spoken out in favour of Ivermectin for early treatment and CNN revealed just how easy it is to lie to and influence the perceptions of millions of people who did not partake in their own research or critical thinking. Even in Aus, I’ve mentioned Ivermectin to plenty of people and they’ve laughed and said, “that’s a horse drug.” I don’t know if it works for Cov*d or not, but I do smell a rat when extensive efforts are made to decimate the reputations of anything or anyone on mainstream media in such a way. Furthermore, the Indian Bar Association took action against a World Health Organisation scientist for banning Ivermectin, as so many governments have. Apparently, the drug has been a cheap and effective lifesaver in India, but you’ll now have to get through all the ‘fact checker’ symbols on Google and Facebook to research this. 

It’s much more difficult to highlight bias with Australian mainstream media, as the major channels each feature and promote most of the same news stories, with basically the same angle, every day. If we’re talking politics, popular opinion suggests MSM here stems from the ‘far left’, more and more. Many people simply pick and choose stations based on the hosts they most resonate with. Therefore, in the absence of choice, one-track agendas are incredibly easy to push. Sky News Australia presents a right wing or conservative view, with no-nonsense detail from some credible and highly respected journalists. However, it’s not on mainstream television and, more than likely, also has an agenda to push.

Speaking of highly respected journalists, check out the cheer-worthy and heartfelt views of Neil Oliver if you haven’t already. To me, his expressions ring with authenticity and that’s a rare thing these days.

I’m speculating with regard to much of this, of course. However, I don’t think anyone can deny the outright evilness of the favourite term of MSM coercion, ‘the Pandemic of the Unva**inated’. Used to incite anger and fear as if ‘the unva**inated’ invented the illness and spread it around deliberately to murder people. That’s not too much of an exaggeration. It’s been yelled at protesters (who may or may not be va**inated), people have been shooed away from tables as if they’re contaminated and politicians across the globe are literally calling ‘the unva**inated’ everything from selfish to dangerous in order to enforce segregation and ensure people are afraid of the ‘unva**inated’.

My favourite piece of propaganda of all though, is the one most obviously untrue and one of the best examples of virtue signalling I have ever seen in my life. The MSM and Premiers and Chief Health Officers and anyone else who wants to get their head on TV to spread it, outright state that borders are closed and freedoms are stripped solely because of ‘the unva**inated’. Therefore, they’re keeping everyone safe, in keeping with their ‘God-like’ powers and superior knowledge, by ensuring ‘the unv*ccinated’ are banned from freely crossing borders, going to the pub and…making a living across many industries.

Please tell me, dear reader, that you have not fallen for this?

No, ‘the unva**inated’  had nothing to do with this or anything at all to do with any of it. You were once unva**inated too, and you are currently alive and well, I presume? The borders are closed and freedoms are stripped solely because of the authoritarian decisions and directives of the government and the suggestion otherwise is outright criminal manipulation, in my opinion.

This tactic seems to work, even though the shot does not eliminate the illness, nor stop you from spreading it, nor from getting sick or dying. Yes, studies show it successfully limits the risks by vast numbers, via figures that go up and down according to which country you’re in. But, does this justify appalling segregation, loss of livelihood and the incitement of hate against people for exercising their right to choose? I don’t think so. 

How quick audiences are to jump on the bandwagon towards misguided hate and blame.  If you can’t recognise this tactic from The Hunger Games or The Handmaid’s Tale, I’m not sure what to say to you.

The fact that it’s happened though, makes it very easy to see the dangerous ground we’re all on here, as a collective.

Science versus propaganda

australia in 2021 propagandaAs it stands, right now, year-long studies from the Lancet Infectious Diseases Medical Journal are proving that those va**cinated hold just as much viral load, and spread the illness just as much, as the unv*ccinated. Look out for the story, as, not surprisingly it’s not on mainstream media yet. If you can’t be bothered to look it up, here is the copy and pasted conclusion:

Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance. Nonetheless, fully v*ccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unv*ccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully v*ccinated contacts.

And this, with regard to fully v*ccinated deaths in Scotland:

Most individuals who died after two doses of C*VID-19 v*ccine were older than 75 years and had multiple comorbidities. These results are similar to the risk profile for mortality in unvaccinated individuals with C*VID-19 infection and in vaccinated individuals who have received one dose of vaccine. Risk of C*VID-19-related death is therefore not completely eliminated when fully v*ccinated; the results of this study suggest the importance of continued caution and non-pharmaceutical interventions, in particular for older adults with multiple comorbidities.

This is just one study among many now broadcast across the globe.

Most importantly, it highlights the extreme propaganda measures used by Annastacia Palaszczuk and the like, by outright stating numerous times (as seen in this video at timestamp 6:33), ‘if you’re va**cinated you will not end up in hospital and you will not end up ICU. The unva**inated will.’

So, Annastacia, even though we were all unv**inated a mere few months ago, and only a very small percentage had had the shot when Delta emerged, and only a very small minority have been hospitalised or died throughout it all, now you’re saying that unva**inated people will end up in hospital, as a fact? Wow. That’s a whammy, for sure. Congratulations on successfully mastering the art of fear-mongering propaganda based on…which science, exactly?

What’s also true, is the fact that a rapidly rising number of (largely) young people are suffering very harsh side effects from the v*ccine. Therefore, statements like the above broadcast on mainstream media should also come with the disclaimer that there’s a significant risk from the v*ccine, too. That’s what we call informed consent and freedom of choice, based on the ability to conduct individual risk assessments.

Politicians sprouting such propaganda are also guilty of giving people a false sense of security about the C*vid va**ines, with the possibility of encouraging people to feel bulletproof and, therefore, dropping the tried and tested measures of basic handwashing and isolating yourself when sick. Measures that are, apparently, why the flu itself entirely disappeared throughout this entire pandemic. Really? Or are flu cases counted as C*vid cases? Or, have C*vid tests been inaccurate all along? Time will tell. What is proven, is that directives were given from the World Health Organisation to include the deaths of anyone with C*vid, in the C*vid death count. Including people who’ve been shot or were otherwise on death’s door.

Moving on…

I understand the concept of ensuring as many people receive the shot as possible, in order to encourage immunity before opening international borders in particular, along with the fact that Australians have largely escaped the virus so far and are perhaps lacking in natural immunity as a whole (not that we can truly prove this, as millions of people with colds or no symptoms at all, may have contracted it already). In any case, I truly hope this concept is the real intention behind the disgraceful propaganda, no matter how potentially off-the-mark, rather than something far worse that includes dollar signs or an almighty attempt to drag us stealthily into the Great Reset.

If only politicians acknowledged that it’s the very propaganda they’ve applied that’s ensured people have lost all trust in leaders who presume the populace is so stupid as to not notice it. The truth, and nothing but the truth, would have sufficed. One thing I can’t get an answer to, is why people can’t at least get tested for antibodies, in lieu of mandated v*ccines? In fact, why isn’t this the first port of call, given that a vast number of uncounted people would have already had the virus or similar coronaviruses, without even knowing it? And, as a result, obtaining natural immunity that’s far better, or at least matches, antibodies from va**ines – without the risk of side effects from experimental shots.

This study came out a year ago, yet these types of findings, even from the World Health Organisation before the mass ‘shotinisation’ propaganda started, are now largely ignored. This one is from the NIH (U.S Department of Health and Human Services) itself, in January 2021. Here’s a copy and pasted section and quote:

  • The immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID-19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection.
  • The results provide hope that people receiving SARS-CoV-2 vaccines will develop similar lasting immune memories after vaccination.

“Several months ago, our studies showed that natural infection induced a strong response, and this study now shows that the responses last,” Weiskopf says. “We are hopeful that a similar pattern of responses lasting over time will also emerge for the vaccine-induced responses.”

It seems we’re now doing things the other way round, not based on ‘following the science’, in that both natural immunity and v*accines for vulnerable people are, at least, equal options. Which, yet again, debunks the validity of draconian va*ccine mandates. It also proves that the outrageous propaganda promoting va*ccines as our, “only hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi”, is…well..outrageous.

The expert medical and scientific opinions so long squashed right from the beginning, are finally emerging, thankfully. That is, that getting severely sick from C*vid is overwhelming down to age and health status, whether va**inated or not, in much the same way that’s always applied to most viruses. As with flu va**ines, shots provide extra protection for immune-compromised people. And, as with flu va**cines, shots don’t actually stop you catching, spreading or getting seriously ill from these viruses. Therefore, people choose to get them for self-protection. The propaganda stating that people must get the shots to protect everyone else is entirely false and would have been laughed at, with regard to the flu, in 2019.

It’s all summed up by this line, which has now been credited to numerous medical and scientific experts:

You can’t v*ccinate your way out of a pandemic.

It’s already here. It will keep mutating, as that’s what coronaviruses and influenza viruses do. We must be equipped to treat it, as v*ccines cannot eradicate it. The more shots you get, the higher the risk of adverse reactions, as we’re seeing now. We’re already up to three in one year for some people. Does anyone truly think that’s OK, or that needing three shots in quick succession is evidence of these particular shots working?

As all of this is pretty common knowledge now, why are Aussies still copping psychological abuse, job loss, segregation, fear, coercion, bribery and threats in order to force-va**inate the entire population? Right now, the borders are opening for va**inated people only. Meanwhile, ‘the unva**inated’ can’t cross domestic borders, or work in many industries or even enter shopping centres or restaurants, in many cases. It literally doesn’t have anything to do with being sick or not.  Interesting concept, indeed.

As is the consequent propaganda right now, stating that Queensland is about to open the borders to an avalanche of C*vid solely via the va**inated people who are the only ones allowed, after quarantine and testing. This straight up says that va**inated people alone will be bringing C*vid into the state, though it’s used to induce the fear of death into ‘the unv*ccinated’ and everyone else because largely healthy, younger people at minimal risk are unv*ccinated by choice. It’s also promoting evermore illegal coercion, this time via ice cream trucks. No wonder everyone’s lost their bloody minds.

I don’t know the intentions of politicians and mainstream media for using abusive techniques, such as shame, fear and authoritarianism, in order to push the 70%, 80%, now 95%  agenda and outright vilify freedom of choice while apparently ignoring the actual science as it comes to light. One of the commonly-stated intentions is so we don’t overwhelm hospitals, a situation most states were in far before C*vid hit our shores. And, of which, the governments (not ‘the unv*ccinated’) are at fault for not rectifying due to the increasing population alone.

Shot targets simply go up and up as percentages for v*ccine efficacy go down and down. Just go back and look at all the everchanging headlines since 2020, which started with Pfizer’s emergency approval use due to a whopping, alleged, 95% efficacy. There was certainly no mention of the need for ongoing boosters, back then. Sure, they didn’t know what would happen, back then. But, that’s the whole point. They still don’t know, as studies keep revealing, which seems to be a common theme among the medical professionals who are resigning rather than having it. Of course, a vast majority of medical experts recommend the v*ccines 100%. Yet, another vast majority recommend them, but not the mandates due to the experimental bit, or the human rights bit or the risk-versus-benefit for young people bit. That’s a little bit too much confusion among experts to warrant mandates, in my opinion.

As for Australian health experts and politicians on the nightly news, it would appear they simply haven’t bothered to stay ahead of the game with research, given that they don’t address anything much other than ‘get the jab’. The Doherty modelling is continually so far off it’s surely a joke, or a deliberate attempt to keep us in a state of emergency, lockdowns and fear…aka Dictator Dan. As more lawyers get their hands on increasing cases of discrimination, coercion and adverse effects, along with unwarranted fines and arrests, the narrative is changing. MPs, police officers and nurses are resigning. More people of influence are speaking up. Protests are getting bigger and incorporating all demographics of society. It’s not likely you’ll see much of this on mainstream media, unless it’s impossible for them to ignore and get away with doing so.

Whatever’s been going on behind the scenes, I’m predicting some very red faces when all’s said and done, if not criminal findings with regard to coercion via propaganda, the eradication of informed consent, the censorship of alternate views from medical professionals and the damage done to the psyche of the Australian collective in the name of ‘keeping everyone safe’. Not to mention, the economy and the startling number of middle-class business owners who’ve been wiped out because of it all, or those who’ve suffered extreme mental health issues or killed themselves as a result of Australia’s draconian pandemic rules.

Do some research on the people and companies who’ve made millions, billions and trillions, in Australia and across the world, out of this pandemic. Take a look at the money made by mask and test kit manufacturers. Though these va**ines were initially paid for by tax payer dollars, the profits of the associated companies are astronomical. It’s easy to see why stakeholders might wish to keep this whole pandemic narrative going far past its used by date.

I’m going to such great lengths to highlight all this, as I’m pretty sure (yes, that’s sarcasm) it’s time to stop blaming ‘the unv*ccinated’ for most of it and look beyond the pathetically obvious propaganda to the facts. It’s well beyond time to return to a time, long, long ago in 2019, when governments kept their agenda-driven noses out of personal health choices and the human rights of all. Governments are there to serve the people, not to coerce, threaten and, in this case, actually destroy the lives of people via unjustified and possibly corrupt decisions. These tactics apply to dictatorships, not democracies, which is something many of our politicians and mainstream media seem to have conveniently forgotten about.

Whatever you think of va**ines and whatever you choose to do for yourself, it’s none of anyone else’s business, nor is it yours to know about other people’s medical choices. I’ll go as far as to say that plenty of people are about to be on the wrong side of history, due to misguided and propaganda-driven blame and vilification, just like every other moment in history whereby segregation occurred via the vilification of minority groups. Actively encouraging division and hatred of minorities among societies is never the right thing to do, for any reason, ever.

Final musings on Australia in 2021

australia in 2021 mindset

If none of this has affected you beyond a few quick lockdowns and a lack of toilet paper, you’re very lucky. Millions haven’t been in ways that have nothing to do with the illness itself and it’s far worse than is televised. This I can confirm, from the ground. The worst of the issues are due to the ‘solutions’ and the spotlight is shining ever more brightly on the atrocities that have occurred in the name of ‘science’ or ‘modelling’ or ‘health advice’ or ‘politics’. Or, just plain power-grabbing. 

This is why people are protesting across the globe, why it’s so very important to do your own research beyond channels 7, 9, 10 and the ABC, and why it’s crucial to speak up against government decisions that are most certainly not ALL about your health and safety, as is evident in my ‘dystopian novel outline turned reality show’ above.

Now is not the time to be complacent and say, “she’ll be right mate”. None of this is ‘right’ and it hasn’t ended yet. 

I’m sharing these insights as I’ve had my head stuck in it all writing press releases and related articles all year. The lack of transparency, obvious media and political manipulation of the masses, the deliberate suppression or twisting of information and, of course, blatant and rising authoritarianism (aka ‘the New World Order) is simply too prevalent to ignore. So is the censorship of free speech and the insidious ‘framing’ of information to skew the truth – of which I’ve proven to myself numerous times.

One example is a story on Sunrise on the 19th of October, whereby Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk not only used the, “this is a pandemic of the unva**intated,” catchphrase, but outright lied. She said, quote, “if people are vaccinated they will not end up in hospital. They will not end up in ICU. The unva**inated will”. I wrote a comment on YouTube asking why the hosts, David Koch and Natalie Barr, didn’t correct her.


australia in 2021

I checked the story again before posting the above FB post and I was logged into a different YouTube account I use for business. The comment was gone. When I checked via the login I’d posted it with, it was still there. I posted the comment again and took a screenshot. The same thing occurred. When you hide comments on social media channels, the person posting them can still see them, but they’re hidden from public view. I only discovered this due to the use of different accounts.

This ‘deletion of comments’ is occurring across platforms, largely with regard to sensible questions or facts. Many of the comments that remain published are often those that may be considered conspiracy theories, jokes, trolling, ant-v**x or just outright crazy. Do you see the deliberate attempt at swaying public opinion, in terms of the ‘types’ of people daring to disagree? I’ve been flabbergasted and horrified by this, in the knowledge that mainstream media staff are apparently instructed to monitor and delete comments.  Worse yet, deleting comments posing legit questions or calling the MSM out for lies and propaganda.

Obviously, I can’t prove the speculations above in terms of what the MSM, or Channel 7, are or are not doing. Perhaps my comment just mysteriously disappeared. It’s food for thought, in any case.

Inaction is generally viewed as consent and often stems from taking ‘freedoms’ for granted. In that, we believe they’ll never be taken away. Look at Hong Kong and far into history, and don’t think we’re exempt. It’s already happening, right here, right now, with Victoria on the frontlines.

How do you speak up? Write letters to your MPs, attend peaceful protests, don’t succumb to fear-based decisions or mindsets, seek out groups also passionate about retaining freedom of choice, freedom of speech, open debate and honest journalism/politics minus agenda-driven manipulation. Have a picnic instead of giving your money to businesses driving segregation, fear and the beginnings of a ‘papers please’ society far beyond travel passports. Florida, Denmark and more have lifted all restrictions and subsequent mandates/health certificates. We’ll get there too, but, quite clearly as things stand now, not without a fight. 

We are still a lucky country. This is not some kind of comparison of Australia to Afghanistan or any other hideously repressed nation. Nor to countries far less lucky, so far, in terms of C*vid deaths. Yet, we must ensure that authoritarianism does not take one step closer under the guise of the pandemic. Apparently Chairman Dan, among others, is literally running for the emperor’s throne as we speak. You know that Chinese Social Credit system that’s another conspiracy theory apparently coming to a country near you? He’s giving it a go, right now

On the topic of personal freedom, I don’t view it as something that should be up for discussion with politicians. I absolutely do not consent to the stripping of human rights, in any way. We are the many and it’s the many being insidiously controlled from all angles, whether they know it or not. We can change the narrative, by speaking up as a united front and refusing to comply with ‘rules’ or ‘orders’ that many of us know are simply wrong. 

Always remember that no one rules you and that you can say NO to corrupt authority. Remember that our governments are formed to serve the people they represent, not the other way around. Remember that any group that ever defeated authoritarianism, in any area of life, began as a minority. Remember that you’re a sovereign being and, in doing so, put your crown, your cape or your favourite undies on and act like it.

Complacently relinquishing freedom for the sake of a temporary false sense of security isn’t, in my opinion, the meaning of life nor the purpose of our souls. It’s more like a tried and true trick, across centuries, to ensure the masses continue to scramble to make money and offer more power to those already insanely rich and in power. Hence why people, right now, are losing their sanity and their livelihoods while stuck just a few kilometres away on the wrong side of closed borders. But, if you’re capable of bringing money or power or media attention into a state (looking at you, Queensland and Western Australia), we’ll move the borders, rules and restrictions so you can come right on in. And that’s the least of it, worldwide.

Next time, I’ll write an article that’s much more ‘love and light’, esoteric and solutions-focused, none of which this article is. That is, if I don’t get hauled off by ‘The Land of No’ freedom of speech police, even though I’m not claiming to be any kind of expert on any of it (yes, that’s a disclaimer).

Just like our own necessary shadow work, done to acknowledge, accept and move beyond the repressed aspects of ourselves, the collective shadow must be seen and acknowledged before positive change emerges. Shining a light on any issue is the first step towards awakening from mind-control. And that is, basically, what this all comes down to.  Right now, what we choose to see and how we choose to respond really is a ‘red pill or blue pill’ moment. Hop out of the dystopian story and into authentic expression, and you’re on the right track.

And, please, listen to Bob. Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Every voice counts.

I invite and welcome all debate, whether publicly or privately. I’ll also keep updating this article with relevant information as it comes up. Here are some brilliant documentaries and hearings with Senators, lawyers and doctors to show anyone you know who’s been fooled by what’s possibly the biggest scam of a lifetime. It’s wrought with mammoth wealth transfers to those profiting at all levels, along with human rights abuses leading to loss of livelihoods, businesses, freedom of movement, being with loved ones as they died and, the one thing no one should ever compromise – bodily autonomy. It’s history repeating on a far bigger scale than the 1976 Swine Flu travesty:

Oracle Films: Safe and Effective

Covid Under Question

Plandemic Series

australia in 2021 nicole leigh west

Ongoing updates:

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, more than one million Australians attended freedom rallies across the country. I attended the Brisbane rally, along with more than 100,000 people. You’ll see live footage on my Facebook page (UPDATE: Facebook banned and unpublished my page, see my own footage of protests below). It’s estimated that upwards of 500,00 attended the Melbourne protest, 300,000 in Sydney and 50,000 in Perth, with many more thousands across towns. Collectively, it’s likely that this is the biggest protest the country has ever seen. However, the mainstream media, right now, are intent on reporting the numbers as less than half and labelling families with babies, grandparents, medical professionals and peaceful, freedom-loving people as ‘anti-v*xers’, extremists and even ‘white supremacists’.

Australian nurse of 39 years speaks up about side effects and threats received over informing the public.

World-renowned scientists and doctors tell the truth, with full medical and scientific detail, of C*vid v*ccines at the Florida C*vid Summit on November 6th 2021. So far, this information has not received worldwide media attention, which is astounding.

Three former police officers speak their truth about why they quit the force to take a stand against government control and divulge what happened behind the scenes, with Topher Field.

Ignored by mainstream media: Melbourne protest on the 30th October 2021 against va**ine mandates, va**ine passports and proposed legislation giving Dan Andrews dictator-like powers.

You know that climate change narrative that’s conveniently diverting attention from the truth emerging about C*vid, right now? Here’s Neil Oliver joining all the dots and highlighting the excruciating double standards of the world’s ‘elite’.

Here’s a rundown on the latest C*vid contradictions from the USA. Here’s NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet, just one month after taking over from Gladys Berejiklian (as she attends court for alleged corruption), moving the goalposts from 80% to now 95% v*ccination targets for ‘full freedoms’ – aka, human rights – to return, just not for the unv*ccinated.

I joined possibly a million or so Aussies on the Convoy to Canberra, with numerous protests over weeks at Parliament House. It’s estimated that between 500,000 and a million Aussies attended from across the country.

Here is an opinion that’s great food for thought, written by a person called Jo Wright and circulated on social media:

Of all the vaccines I have taken in my life like Tetanus shots, measles, mumps, polio, meningitis, TB shots, etc…
Never have I heard so many lies and deceptions over a v*ccine that says I have to wear a mask and socially distance even when fully v*ccinated, and that I could still contract or spread the virus even after being fully v*ccinated.
Never had to get tested when I was perfectly healthy without any symptoms whatsoever.
Never been bribed by the establishments to take the v*ccine in order to win a holiday and/or cash prizes or earn frequent flyer points.
I never had to worry about cardiac issues, neurological disorders, blood clots and sadly more! Didn’t even have to worry about death.
Never was I ever THREATENED by the use of FORCE by the Government, Employers, Police force, and Military for a v*ccine as seen overseas.
I was never judged by my friends or relatives if I didn’t take it. I was never discriminated against for travel or other regular services to a point where I could not buy or sell without it.
The v*ccines I have listed above never told me I was a bad person for not taking them or for even taking them for that matter.
I have never seen a v*ccine that threatened the relationship between my family members and/or close friends to a point of destroying my relationships with them ever.
Never have I seen it used for political gain.
Never seen a v*ccine needing 24/7 mass media advertising and promotion on every media outlet known to man.
Then there’s mixing and matching different v*ccine brands and being told it’s okay to do it one day and then told the next day to not do it (overseas).
I have never seen a v*ccine threaten someone’s livelihood, as well as wipe out their jobs.
I have never seen a v*ccine that allows a 12-year-old child’s consent to supersede their parent’s consent (that one alone blows me away).
Finally, after all the v*ccines (jab, shots) I listed above, I have never seen a v*ccine like this one that discriminates, divides, and judges a society. So much information is censored, deleted, and removed from the internet and mainstream media!
So many doctors, health care professionals, police and scientists are censored and forbidden to speak out or ask legitimate questions when what is being allowed or not allowed does not make sense! Particularly when it comes from mainstream media. I have never known a v*ccine that has made all the Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture it exempt from liability if it kills everyone to a point where no life insurance will cover it!
This is one powerful v*ccine guys! It does all these things above that I have mentioned and yet? It does NOT do the one thing it is supposed to do which is?
*Sources linked to throughout the article. Though some sources may not be on mainstream channels, I’ve gone to great lengths to verify them and have chosen these ones based on the simplicity of delivery. Please research each source for yourself, as with everything.

Fighting Scamdemic in Australia in 2021 One Banned Meme at a Time

Breaking News Memes by Nicole Leigh West

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Freedom Memes by Nicole Leigh West

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Popular Scamdemic Memes Collection: Credit to the Creators

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Mainstream Media Headlines: The Discrimination and Vilification of the Unvaccinated

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The ‘Conspiracy Theories’ We Were Banned for Saying Come True

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Anonymous -

Well written and thoughtfully presented material here, thank you! It’s good to know I’m not alone in the fight for my medical freedom. -Andrew C

Anonymous -

Beautifully written etc etc. But how do we control this epidemic without a jab?

Shaz -

Absolutely Brilliantly written. Bless you for your honest non bias reweiw of our pathetic situation. Even my relationship of over 3 decades is under immense strain over the haves and have nots. I will lose my job at the end of January 2023. Of coarse Im safe to others until that date. If only their was a way to get everyone to read this. Australia needs to wake up sooner than later. I have just this afternoon heard of a friend who has been told her kids ( entering final year next year) will not be able to attend unless va@###d. That has just blown my tiny mind. It surely has to be government negligence to allow this. All though they have caused it. Thankyou for your post. It made me feel not so isolated in my opinion of the dabacle.

Tanya Reimann -

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am, however a remote area nurse and have been vaccinating children from 2 months up til 60 years old.
I completed the South Australian Immunisation Course and we are % guided buy The Australian Immunisation Book.
I have never in the 12 years vaccinated anyone with out full consent. We must say the side effects, adverse reactions and the risk of anaphylaxis prior to vaccination.
If the person says no, that is accepted. Immunisations have always been PRO CHOICE.
I was recently in an aboriginal clinic, where I saw 5 patients that had an adverse reaction to the vaccine AstraZeneca. I had not vaccinated them. They are flying in staff, to specifically do it.
I filmed what was happening with the patient’s permission of all involved so that I could send it to the GP. The GP at first found it amusing, but soon rang back, wanting further information.
I was sacked there for filming an adverse reaction and was threatened with APHRA.
There are many in the community that did not want the Phzier vaccine when they came back. We were silenced and people were coherced and bribed by the organisation.
I have never seen anything like it and i have seen ALOT!
Post being sacked for practicing within my duty of care and being a patient advocate, i was silenced!! I was given hush money
I will NEVER be told how to practice with a vaccine, that we know nothing of. There has been no testing of these vaccines and the adverse reactions are escalating quicker than this virus. The people who are having myocarditis and pericarditis will have long term cardiac issues. they are mainly young men.
Who will protect the children, with men becoming chronic cardiac patients.
There is no one telling clients of that, along with all other’s and NOW THEY WANT TO IMMUNISE CHILDREN.
I know one thing that is accurate! The western medical system is being paid millions upon millions, as also the main stream media ( ALL TOTAL LIES) and politicians.
IF Australian’s want their FREEDOM, they will have to fight for it.
This experiment will put us under a totalitarian government. So to all the men out there that have children, hold them close!! Do NOT let the children be vaccinated. Even if they are vaccinated, they will shed so those close to them, will also get it. Those that are not vaccinated or are safer than anyone who has been vaccinated. Ask yourself.. if this is the case why does the vaccine immunisation continue.
I do not doubt there was a virus
Herd immunity would have wiped this out by now.

Post being sacked, I have spent months going into rabbit holes. There are many. Some can be dismissed, but if science is the only thing they have… then that is fucked, as science has failed us many times!!

Ask yourself, why are nurses walking away from their jobs? Why are many being sacked? For telling the truth? Why was a GP office raided by police and case notes of patients?
Why are any Australian’s in lock down? Why are we listening to the governments?? They are the most corrupt organisations across the world.

We are on a colonised island that is fed with bullshit!! STOP listening to it!

Do your research… TURN off your TV – the media lies!!

Channel 7, recently on the morning show, displayed an aboriginal man who was named as the man who abducted Cleo.
It was not him! It was another man. Channel 7 used a Face Book Picture with a man of the same name .. Journalism is corrupt and unjust.

The honest truth, where there is darkness, there is light, where there is light, there is darkness.

I TRULY believe that Australian’s will work this out and will FIGHT for their FREEDOM.
I know that many Australian’s do not understand this l, as we have never fought something they can not see.
Look at the politics and what had been said in the past 2 years, the lock ups and lock down’s, the emergency bill that Dan Andrews is trying to pass in parliament. Go down rabbit holes.
Get The TIK TOK app. Yep, have been told many times not to look at it. I have. The information comes from every day people like me. They film what they see across the world. Then google the information. Go to google and then put in duck duck go – it erases everything that you look at.

We are in a WORLD CRISIS and it isn’t about the virus or the vaccine.

Thank you so much Nicole West for speaking up!! Much Love to you, your family and the world xxx

KellyC -

Thank you for your poignant and thoughtful commentary. This is very well said. The only thing I would question is the number of adverse reactions, because the reports were suppressed for so long but are now becoming public (VAERS in the US). As of my last reading, deaths in the US were 384K from the jab. There will be many politicians that will have to answer for this. In the meantime, we have hope in drawing bear to Jesus. Fear God only, and not man, and He will bring you through.

JP -

That was very brave to write, and true! The draconian issues you mentioned in Australia are truly concerning, and without public pushback, will continue to get more and more dystopian. Thank you for putting this out there, it’s really well written! And all the best on this collective shadow work, to bring out the light 🙂

Rose -

these things you mentioned are not only exclusive to Australia. this is also true here in Saudi Arabia; there is a hefty fine for people without masks, vaccine memorandums in workplaces, and presenting of “immune” status when entering an establishment. and for the majority here, we do not feel that our rights have been compromised. in fact, we believe that our government is doing a great job in handling this pandemic. this nationwide vaccine campaign aims to have herd immunity to lessen the spread of covid. saudi arabia has way more recorded positive cases than australia. I commend Australia for this due to their strict lockdown policies. because of the government’s efforts to vaccinate most of the people here in saudi, we are slowly adapting the new normal lifestyle. social distancing no longer required and wearing of mask is now optional outdoors. i believe the Australian government also wants that outcome so don’t be so negative with all the imposed regulations of your government. do not think that Australia has the strictest covid regulations, because it does not. this is just my feedback for this article of yours. stay safe.


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