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Autumn Holiday Destinations: Nature’s Paintbrush in Action

Autumn holiday destinations offer an explosion of colour only nature can provide. From fire-tipped foliage to yellow fields and crunchy leaves perfect for diving in, these top spots are pure, seasonal magic.

Kyoto, Japan

autumn holiday destinations japan

Possibly more cherished for the short-lived cherry blossoms in spring, Japan’s autumn foliage deserves to rank alongside them. Visit Kyoto, famous for Shinto shrines, traditional wooden houses and geisha, to see an explosion of colour covering the charming city. Some of the best spots include Tofuku-ii Temple, Ginkaku-ii Temple and the mountain village of Takao.

Paris, France

It’s hard to improve on the beauty of Paris, however thick carpets of golden leaves, fewer tourists and generally sunny weather seems to do so. It’s one of the best times to visit the gardens of Versailles and the Palais-Royal Gardens. Plus, you can sip on hot chocolate on an outdoor terrace, without fighting for a seat.

Ontario, Canada

autumn holiday destinations ontario

Autumn sweeps over Ontario with a palette of eye-scorching reds, glowing yellows and blazing oranges. If you love hiking, birdwatching and outdoor adventures, this is the time to do it. The 1000 Islands region offers cruises along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, or climb the Skydeck Tower for a bird’s eye view. Jump on board the Agawa Canyon Tour Train to discover lakes, rivers and forests awash with gold in Algoma Country. For a city trip, check out Ottawa at the end of September for biking and kayaking.

Seoul, South Korea

autumn holiday destinations korea

South Korea isn’t really on the radar among autumn holiday destinations, but it should be.  Bright crimsons and golden hues line Seoul’s vibrant, tree-filled streets. Climb Namsan Mountain, at the heart of the city, for the best vantage point of the changing landscapes. Seoul’s premier palace, Gyeongbokgung, is romantically transformed with the colours of the season, making it a haven for couples, artists and photographers.

New York, USA

If you’ve ever wanted to see Central Park, autumn is a prime time to do it. Colours literally explode from every vantage point and the crisp air is perfect for long strolls. It’s apple season, so visit markets, like the Union Square Green Market, to buy fresh seasonal produce. Being New York, of course there’s a wealth of festivals and events to enjoy, especially in October with Halloween.

New England, USA

New England is world famous for its kaleidoscope of autumn colours. It’s the season for hiking, biking, road trips, apples and pumpkins! Drive Connecticut’s State Route 169 to discover charming towns, hike in Maine’s Acadia National Park or discover the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. You can also stand on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, go vineyard-hopping in Rhode Island and take all the autumn pics you could wish for, in Vermont.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

autumn holiday destinations scotland

Dramatic, mysterious and historic, travelling through the Isle of Skye is a feast for the senses, no matter the time of year. Autumn adds to the intoxicating landscapes with a splash of warm colour to take the bite from the chill. The best way to discover Scotland’s largest island is by car, so you can take your time exploring ruins on windswept cliffs, quaint villages and fantastic pubs.

No matter which of the magical autumn holiday destinations you choose, embrace your inner child and get crunching in those leaves.

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