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Vince ValituttiVince Valitutti – www.vincethephotographer.com


I love photography, because I can express myself visually.  The visual I see is the expression of life before me. I see things, almost accidentally, as if the lens of another realm is guiding me.

A natural wonder, an architectural delight, an underwater phenomenon, will catch your attention and allow you to be dragged into the beautiful unknown. 

It is the same for the photographer, yet it is tinged with the obsession of creative addiction (blissful addiction of all that ‘IS’). In that all things are worthy of capturing, all things are interesting, all things are a moment to be captured in time.

That is how special you, and we, are.

We all deserve to be captured, in time. Time…though non-existent…is, all the same, our time.

Here are some moments…in my time:









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