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Love Explosions

Love Explosions

We’ve all had them, whether it be an explosion of love for a child, a family member, a friend, a lover, a destination (even for a piece of chocolate!)

But I’ve found, having experienced all of the above, that a true love explosion concerns yourself, and yourself only. When you are centred, balanced, thoughtless…the most insignificant moments in time produce a feeling of heat in your heart. A tangible, physical heat. Which leads to a realisation – nothing in life is insignificant.

This heat is so blissful, so all-consuming that your ego automatically takes a backseat (generally after putting up a little fight, which, if you are aware and present, you will overcome).

You then, without thought, begin to bless every person you see. Every plant you touch. Every experience you have. Unconditionally. Yes, even going to the toilet produces a blessing, (insert girly giggles).

If someone had said to me, a mere year ago, that I would someday walk around at work, or at the grocery shop, saying, “Namaste” (I acknowledge the Divine within you), or “I love you”, in my head to random strangers, I would have said, “Well, that sounds lovely, but why would I ever think to do that?”

But, you know what, sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll do this and a total stranger will turn and smile at me.

And do you know what that does?

It raises the vibrational frequency of everyone. Which raises the frequency of the Earth. Which puts us in a place of heaven on Earth.


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Leisa -

Very appropriate at this time in
My life and can relate 100%. it’s really vey simple and as long as you have love and blessing in you’re heart, mind, body and soul for one and all I believe we are on the right path. Namaste x


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