Make Sure You Laugh A Lot Today!

Make sure you laugh a lot today

“Humour contributes to my total well-being, so I laugh a lot today!” – Louise Hay

I have the 2015 Louise Hay calendar and I have to say, reading the quotes in the morning is a beautiful way to start every day! Sometimes they’re ridiculously synchronistic and other times not at all, but they always put a smile on my face.

Today’s is, “Humour contributes to my total well-being, so I laugh a lot today!” You wouldn’t think we’d need to be reminded to laugh, but sometimes, in the thick of busy times, we can forget to put ourselves in situations…very deliberately mind you…that create laughter.

Not only does your body rejoice when you laugh (your cells hear, they know and they repair because of it), but your frequency rises instantly and that means everything will be stimulating, exciting, fun and meaningful.

As a writer, I’m on my own a lot and often writing things that aren’t particularly funny, though they are meaningful. What this means is that I need to put myself right in the path of comic scenarios to tickle my funny bone. This is pretty easy to do. I can watch a funny video, take a walk and people watch which always leads to interesting scenarios, hang out with my hilarious baby nieces, chat to a friend about nonsense, blare my favourite tunes and dance crazily around the kitchen or read a funny article.

The point is, cracking a smile every half hour or so is more important than you may think, for your overall mental and physical health. Try to become aware of doing so just for one day to test it for yourself…simply make sure you laugh a lot today! And let me know how you go.

Sending you laughing vibes x


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