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Manifesting Your Desires

Manifesting Your Desires

So much has been discussed and written about manifesting. The ability we all have to manifest whatever we like, if only we try…if only we repeat the appropriate mantras…if only we ‘wish’ hard enough…if only we walk around 3 times in a circle and repeat the same spell 3 times.

There are benefits to doing all of the above, at least in the practicing of manifestation and positive thought.

In my experience though, it’s the ‘trying’ that gets in the way.

Whenever I’ve tried to manifest something, and wished so very hard for something, and strived and worked and struggled for something…that’s what I’ve received. Wishing, striving and struggling hard.

Not the actual ‘wish’. Well, sometimes I’ve received the ‘wish’, but certainly not in an instantaneous way, more in a striving, working, struggling, long term way.

This has been proof, for me, that you get exactly what you think about.

It’s not in the ‘wishing’. Though your imagination is certainly your first port of call.

Manifesting is all about connecting and allowing.

By connecting, I mean connecting with your heart. Easier said than done, I know. Connecting with your heart requires you to be thoughtless. Completely and utterly without thought. You have to sweep all the rubbish out of your mind in order for you to gain clarity, awareness and, most importantly, connection.

Connection with what?

With your higher self, with the Universe, with the Earth and the abundant gifts we receive from nature…forests, oceans, mountains, animals, rain, snow, sun, fire. With angels, fairies, mermaids, dolphins, cats or the simple acts of gardening or camping…whatever resonates with you. It matters not what label your connection comes under.

Once you connect, and you can do this by simply conjuring an image of what makes you happy – thereby opening your heart – your powers of manifestation are unlimited.

How do you know if you’re connected? Your heart will tell you. Physically. It is a rising heat, a bliss, an all-encompassing love for everything that is. If you feel that, mentally, physically, spiritually, in that second, you will manifest your desires, providing they are for a purpose that resonates with your higher self.

It’s not possible to do this living within your ego only. By that, put very simply, I mean – if you don’t know you’re not your ‘thought’s, if you don’t know you can change each and every thought you have, if you don’t know you are not actually affected by the external and that the external only resonates because of your thoughts – it’s almost impossible to manifest intentionally. You will only do so accidentally. And if your thoughts are full of worry and stress and future and past events, what do you think you’re most likely to manifest?

More of the same – that’s the overriding result of thoughts littered with negative vibrations.

You need to utilise negative thoughts for practical purposes, the second they occur – for clearing, making space in your mind, observing, learning – then put them in the recycling pile, the same as you would do with rotting fruit. If you don’t, those thoughts will only rot and fester and cause dis-ease and pain.

If you intentionally choose your thoughts, if you choose positive, loving, compassionate, non-judgemental thoughts – you stand a good chance of connecting and manifesting whatever you desire.

But you must feel it. Know it. Live it.

This is something we can all do. But we must be aware of it first. Only then can we allow it to happen. Because, quite simply, after connecting with your heart, you know that it will happen. You have no doubt.

If you connect and allow, the whole world will conspire to fulfil your dreams.


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colin -

great article, like the utilise negative thoughts for clearing and learning,making space in your mind Namaste

NicoleLeighWest -

Ha Ha. Merman – ‘look’ via your intuition. Illusionary veils fall away and Mermaids you will find. 🙂

Merman -

These mermaids you speak of…. Where can one find them?


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