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Relax…You’ve Already Won the Race

You've Already Won the Race

A friend of mine said recently, “Put the needle on the vinyl, don’t think and just let the music play through.”

This is such a deceptively simple metaphor for life that it will skip by your brain in a heartbeat if you don’t mentally reach out to grab it.

Once you’ve got a good grip, let it sink in and cook. It will melt into your psyche like delicious chocolate sauce and coat any remaining fear in a protective bubble of truth – until the fear disperses.

The race is always on to become more intelligent, more wealthy, more beautiful, more famous. To keep up with everyone else, be married by 30, have two kids, build a picket fence, buy the newest phone, be the greatest lawyer. Some even ‘race’ to become more spiritual. But, fear finds a home in the expectations, in the self-imposed timeframes, in the comparisons and the perceived ‘rules’ of these society driven images.

Society based rules, from which the above desires often spring, serve only to place your mind in a box, lock it away, then leave it there until the lock is so rusty and hard to break you think you were actually born in it – and that you belong there, squashed in with everyone else.

To an extent, via conditioning – parents, schools , media – we’re initially forced into the boxes. Such ordinary, seemingly harmless questions, such as, “What career do you want?”, “When are you finding the one and settling down?” “When will you give us grandchildren?” “How will you make your fortune?”  all imply the same thing to unaware minds – “Please fit yourself into one of these boxes, label it and forget about exploring others. That way, no one else has to question, challenge or change their own conditioned beliefs and we can all continue living in mild irritation in a world (we think) we have no part in creating, with thoughts (we think) we have no control over.”

Imagine if the most commonly asked questions were to do with internal energy, rather than external pursuits, like “How’s your frequency today? High? Low? If it’s high,’ woo hoo’, let’s run with that and have fun, if it’s low, let’s do everything we can to raise it again.” The details, for pursuing external activities, then come to you from your own mind, your own creativity, because you’ve worked on the internal first – which is where the external is born anyway.

Good news – crawling your way out of the box and remembering there is, in fact, no box, is the first step to awareness. Then you’ll remember there is no race, either.

Because we’ve ALL already arrived at the destination. And the destination is… The Present.

Yes, you can be racing in The Present. Physically, you could be running, mentally, you could be solving a problem with rapid logical thought, spiritually, you could be in the throes of an epiphany that makes your heart pound.

But ‘fear’ is not a part of ‘racing’ in The Present.

Even if you were running from an assailant, that first flicker of fear would serve only to fire your adrenalin to escape – because we have emotions to guide us to act, in the moment. Following that, if thought is allowed to run rampant, worry and anxiety takes us out of The Present and into the future or the past, and fear leaps in, smothering intuition, the advice of your higher-self and your ability to act with clarity and focus.

We don’t need to be anywhere, ever. We are only ever here, now. That statement really needs thinking about to process at first, but once it seeps in, and you stop racing, anywhere you need to be, anything you have to do, any desire you want to fill, finds its way to you without the struggle – because the struggle is only in the future and the future only exits in your thoughts.

So stop running and simply float. You’ll sprint when you need to. You’ll pay bills when you have to. You’ll fulfil your desires when you want to. You’ll be guided to do everything at exactly the right time. Without the competition, the time-restrictions, the age-related, sex-related, race-related ideas of narrow-minds – you’ll come to a place of peace.

A place of knowing you’ve already won the race.

And so, just relax and allow the music to keep playing…change the record when you want to change it, according to your own creative guidelines – and leave everyone else to do the same.

If you still feel like you have somewhere you desperately need to get to, in order to find bliss – try racing the wind.


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celeste koryzma -

I Love it!!. Such a delicious way of explaining another level of “awareness” living in the “present moment”, just “being” & “surrendering” to the universe..!!, this resonates even more so than ever especially with the higher frequencies and the extra energies coming to earth at this devine time. Thank you beautiful soul. Namaste:)


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