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How to Improve Your Mood Right Now


There’s nothing more irritating than a bad mood you can’t seem to shake. Get ready to crack a smile…even if it feels forced at first. Keep smiling until your brain releases chemicals to relieve stress. Then, pick yourself up with one or all of these easy mood-boosting habits that have the power to transform your daily life.

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How to Improve Your Mood Right Now

  • Page 2: Introduction.
  • Page 3: Soothe your ego.
  • Page 4: Easy tips for breaking negative thought patterns.
  • Page 5: Just eat the chocolate already!
  • Page 6: Healthy treats.
  • Page 7: Switch it up to shake it off.
  • Page 8: Easy ways to switch it up.
  • Page 9: Bust a move your own way.
  • Page 10: Fun and easy exercise.
  • Page 11: Embrace minamalism.
  • Page 12: Easy ways to embrace minimalism.
  • Page 13: Challenge your mood.
  • Page 14: Easy ways to challenge your mood.
  • Page 15: Conclusion.