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How to Live Your Passions Guide


Are you excited to jump out of bed every morning? This is one of the beautiful benefits of living your passions and it’s something we can all achieve. If you’d rather hit the snooze button over and over, it’s time to shake things up by taking the first exhilarating steps. From understanding manifestation to battling your fears head on, here’s how to live your passions. 

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How to Live Your Passions

  • Page 2: Introduction
  • Page 3: Follow your inner child
  • Page 4: Easy tips for following your inner child
  • Page 5: Create a clear vision
  • Page 6: Easy tips for creating a clear vision
  • Page7: Understand how manifestation truly works
  • Page 8: Easy tips for manifesting
  • Page 9: Take one small step every day
  • Page 10: Easy steps to take in 10 minutes or less
  • Page 11: Focus on the journey
  • Page 12: Easy ways to focus on the journey
  • Page 13: Face fear head on
  • Page 14: Easy ways to face your fears
  • Page 15: Conclusion