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1 comment

Warren Rose -

Loved your writing on the summary of the current situation around the loss of rights and the absence of questioning the current authoritarian control being exercised by state governments.

Have you had much feedback from your article as it would be valuable to get it out there to contrast the conventional brain washing narrative that’s occurring.

I have just lost my job and not one offer of assistance or direction, simply banished and exiled and come the 17th of December the Queensland government will make me a target and prisoner with no rights. The Queensland premier is doing this to punish and intimidate those who question an experimental therapy and the political economic ramifications of a health system that will topple over with any level of increased sickness, if she does not appear to be rescuing the masses. So it’s political, economical and power based, but it t is illegal what is occurring.

I often wonder what Queensland premier thought all the unvaccinated were doing during the last two years, when we experienced the same lockdown restrictions and limitations as the vaccinated, not to mention the anxiety and intimidation that occurred around job security and loss of job and income.

We are at a turning point and unless people awaken quickly it will all be too late.

It is ironic the prime minister sits on the fence stating vaccines are not mandatory and yet allows state policies to do exactly the opposite without a course of legal appeal, which he knows mandatory vaccines, an invasive medical procedure with risks is illegal to enforce.

Blessings Warren Rose


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