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Struggling to Manifest? How to Keep it Simple

The art of manifesting is big business these days, with countless books, meditations, affirmations and YouTube videos to help your dreams come true while you sleep. There’s nothing wrong with using these tools and many of them can help towards positive mindset changes. However, if you’re struggling to manifest what you want, you may be suffering from a simple case of overcomplication. 

Whether you try to be or not, you’re already a master at manifesting. In fact, it’s basically all you’re ever doing. For example, you smell a delicious meal cooking and start thinking about food, you feel hungry as a consequence and take action by eating. This is you manifesting based on a thought that generated a feeling that propelled you towards action.

And that’s all it is. 

When you understand that the ability to manifest is something you already have, rather than something you have to learn, you take your power back. Rather than struggling to manifest, your sense of self-empowerment is what propels you beyond manifesting everyday things towards making your dreams come true. 

From struggling to manifest to taking action

struggling to manifest

Whether it’s fate, divine timing, energetic alignment or something we’ll never understand, I have no doubt that there’s something bigger than us, co-creating with us. I’ve experienced incredible synchronicities, awe-inspiring opportunities and mind-blowing moments that line up perfectly to help me live my passions

For me, the smallest of actions have quickly resulted in life-changing events on a regular basis. More often than not, I’ve experienced dramatic, uncomfortable changes right before receiving a cherished dream. I’ve learnt that our manifestations don’t always work out according to our ideals. However, they do have an uncanny knack of working out even better than our minds can comprehend. 

Putting esoteric concepts aside, there’s one process that’s the common denominator in everything I’ve manifested, from making money from my passions to travelling the world and getting a car park when it seems impossible. That is, I have a thought, experience a strong feeling that aligns with the thought, and then follow my curiosity about the feeling via an action. This is the same process for both perceived positive and negative scenarios. 

Fostering careers in dancing and writing required actions across years of learning, failing, succeeding and striving – all propelled by an incessant singing in my heart to keep going towards my dreams. Travel often took just one action in booking a flight to start the journey.

The point is, if you’re not doing anything but waiting for a desire to drop on your head and listening to affirmations while you sleep, the odds of manifesting what you want are extremely low. The belief in a universal force giving you what’s ‘meant to be’, isn’t enough. In this world, what goes up must come down. We are subject to cause and effect. It’s all about co-creation and if you’re not giving, it’s not likely that you’ll receive. If you’re not righting wrongs, it’s not likely that they’ll improve.

If you don’t love yourself enough to take the risk, do your best and stare failure in the face, it’s not likely that you’ll manifest your desires. 

On the flip side…

What if you’re taking action but still struggling to manifest what you want?

struggling to manifest

Truth be told, sometimes the things we want amount to journeys rather than the results we want. In this, it pays to remember that life isn’t a destination, but a series of journeys that deliver higher learning, evolvement and precious memories. Release the need to see society-driven results and embrace the journey as the entire point. 

Otherwise, everything points back to self-empowerment. That old cliche, ‘believe in yourself’, is true. More often than not, struggling to manifest what we want comes down to self-defeating thoughts and beliefs. Given that everything starts with a thought, the key to manifesting is to intentionally adjust your thoughts to rewire your mindset

Empowering thoughts lead to powerful feelings that compel you to take powerful actions. It’s as simple as that. Finally, let go of the need to see results, the desire to win or the concept that if you’re not successful in society’s eyes, you’re failing. 

We’re never failing. We’re simply learning as we go and each step takes us towards a new journey. As long as your intentions are love-based and your actions don’t cause deliberate harm to others, wrong turns are just beautiful signposts pointing to the next step along the way. Give up struggling to manifest and start flowing with what’s presented to you, in the present moment. 

After all, the present moment is all there is. It’s only ever your pre-conditioned thoughts that you’re battling with.  Those subtle whisperings of love, inspiration, motivation and joy come from your heart, and it doesn’t lie. Stop letting your thoughts drown your heart’s desires and you’ll start seeing your manifestations bloom.

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