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Welcome to my world of wanderlust and words. I caught the travel bug early on in life, thanks to an explorer dad with a passion for outback camping trips. An intense love of reading created a natural segway into writing. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t unleashing my imagination onto the English dictionary – and I will always be one of ‘those’ people who relish the smell of old books.

Along the way, I indulged in a world of glitter, drama and overseas adventure as a professional dancer. I worked in Japan before I reached drinking age, started my first novel in a spooky Czech chateau and gave up all my worldly possessions to traverse the globe as a digital nomad. That’s not to say I haven’t dipped my toes into a more stable way of life, as a long-term entertainment supervisor, a homeowner and someone who owns furniture rather than suitcases. I’m a firm believer in trying everything once.

For me, life has always been about the journey. I feel incredible gratitude for each step, whether it’s towards a field of tulips or a life-changing hole of hell. It’s on the mysterious path to new destinations that we learn about the world at large and, more importantly, ourselves. One of my greatest pleasures is to weave words of inspiration, awareness, soul-nourishment and authenticity into everything I write. In this small way, I can give back to a world that’s forever enchanting and always reflecting the light that shines only from within each and every one of us.


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